This year marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of Blounty County! We are justly proud of our heritage and the part our ancestors had in the forming of the State of Alabama. Historically, the area was hunting territory for the Creek and Cherokee Nations. Following the Creek Indian War, some of Andrew Jackson's army returned to settle here. They were joined by South Carolinians shortly afterwards. Today, it is known as the covered bridge capital; at one time there were numerous such bridges in the county. Sadly, time and mischief have reduced the number to three bridges today. There is an annual covered bridge festival, which has become a major showcase for the county.

We aren't a large museum, but there's a lot to see. We have quite a collection of Blount County family records and genealogies and knowledgeable family researchers available. Stop by and visit a while; we're conveniently located just south of the Courthouse in Oneonta. The Museum hours are 8:00am until 5:00pm, Tuesday through Thursday. Also, visit our Facebook Page.

Museum Musings

The Blount County Memorial Museum is pleased to learn that the County Line Cemetery (735 Buck Ridge Road in Remlap) has been added to the Alabama Historical Cemetery Register.

This Register is a prestigious listing of the historic cemeteries in Alabama. The Alabama Historical Commission has deemed our historic cemeteries particularly worthy of preservation and appreciaton. This brings the number of historical cemeteries in Blount County to ten of the 765 cemeteries in Blount County that are now listed on the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register. For more about our Blount County cemeteries, contact the Curator at 205–625–6905.

The Blount County Museum has placed over three dozen beautifully painted rocks around Blount County. Find one and bring it to the Museum (Tuesday through Thurdays, 8:00am – 5:00pm). We'll provide a special gift in exchange. If you wish to know more about our cemeteries, contact the Curator at 205–625–6905.

Our displays have been changed, and finally we have mannikins on which to display our set of Armed Services uniforms (below left). There's a new display featuring a country store candy counter (below right).

There is also a display of display of an old-time country store (below left) and new window display (below right). Since nostalgia is a popular item these days, what is old is very much "in".While the Museum is small by big city standards, it was visited not only by local and state residents, but during the past year we've had visitors from Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Canada, England and Israel.

When in the neighborhood, why not take time to drop in and browse a while? We'd love to have you. We're conveniently located just south of the Courthouse in Oneonta. The Museum hours are 8:00am until 5:00pm, Tuesday through Thursday.

Planning a Tour?

The Museum provides guides for touring groups visiting Blount County. Please complete the tour notice form to request a knowledgeable guide.

Whether it's a visit to the covered bridges, Palisades Park, County Caves, or a working farm, we're always pleased to tell about our County.

Blount County Roots?

If your family has roots in Blount County, we invite you to join the Blount County Historical Society (BCHS). Dues are only $10.00/year. The BCHS meets quarterly and provides supporting services to Operation Grateful Heart and the Blount County Memorial Museum. Just download an application form complete it and mail it with payment.

Need Help with Your DAR Records?

, a vounteer genealogist, can help. She is NSDAR/GEP certified, as well as the Registrar for the Heroes of King's Mountain Chapter of the DAR. If you're just beginning research for membership, contact Jacqueline at 256-878-4152 or check here for a form which will allow Jacqueline to determine how best to provide assistance.

Visit the DAR's Genealogy Page for additional information.

Tips for Family Researchers

Besides information about our County's history, there are tips for family historians, which reflect the findings of veteran family researchers.


If you have an announcement about a family reunion or suggested site links, please send to the Curator. We would be pleased to add them. No ads, please.

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